svctl 8 2023-12-11 23.11.0


svctl - runit service and runlevel manager


svctl [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


svctl is a command-line tool that manages runit services and runlevels. It is an abstraction on top of symlinks and runsvchdir. runit services are stored in /etc/runit/services. Each runlevel is represented by a directory in /etc/runit/runsvdir and contains links to services in /etc/runit/services. svctl manages these symlinks.

svctl operates on the current system state. If you're using vpsAdminOS as a live system, the changes will not be persistent. You need to make the changes in your Nix configuration if you wish them to be permanent. svctl is useful for temporary runlevel changes, such as on-demand runlevel switching and enabling/disabling of services.


list-services -a | [runlevel]
List either all services and their runlevels or services enabled in runlevel.

-a, --all List services from all runlevels.

enable service [runlevel]
Enable service in runlevel. runlevel defaults to current. This is an equivalent of ln -s /etc/runit/services/<service> /etc/runit/runsvdir/<runlevel>/<service>.
disable service [runlevel]
Disable service from runlevel. runlevel defaults to current. This is an equivalent of rm -f /etc/runit/runsvdir/<runlevel>/<service>.
protect service-pattern
Configure service-pattern to be skipped when switching to a new system configuration. Matching services will not be restarted if they are changed by the new system version. This setting is not persisted across system reboots.
The list of protected services is stored at /run/runit/protected-services.txt.
unprotect service-pattern
Reverse svctl protect and allow service-pattern to be restarted or reloaded when system configuration is switched.
List protected services.
List available runlevels.
Print the current runlevel. /etc/runit/runsvdir/current points to the current runlevel.
switch runlevel
Switch to runlevel. This is equivalent to runsvchdir <runlevel>. Services that are no longer enabled will be stopped and new services will be started. It may take several seconds for runit to notice the change.


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svctl is a part of vpsAdminOS.